Enlightenment research as a vocation

Originally posted on Voltaire Foundation:
Enlightenment past and present is?the September volume in the?Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series. This volume by Anthony J. La Vopa explores?the social meanings of Enlightenment discourses in England, Scotland, France, and Germany. This blog post written by Avi Lifschitz discusses La Vopa’s new book, sharing insight into this…

The Oxford Complete Works of Voltaire … complete! — Voltaire Foundation

The Œuvres complètes de Voltaire, one of the most complex publishing projects ever, has been underway since 1967. Two of the editors look back on this great undertaking. Gillian Pink: It’s amazing to think that we’ve finally reached the end! When I tell non-specialists that our edition of Voltaire’s works runs to 205 volumes, they are […]Continue reading “The Oxford Complete Works of Voltaire … complete! — Voltaire Foundation”

Digitising Candide — Voltaire Foundation

In what is arguably his most widely known work, Voltaire describes the extraordinary journey that his eponymous hero undertakes through geography and understanding, and for us digitising the novel is the first step on the long and – we hope and trust – exciting journey to digitise the whole of the complete works, the OCV. […]Continue reading “Digitising Candide — Voltaire Foundation”