Enlightenment research as a vocation

Originally posted on Voltaire Foundation:
Enlightenment past and present is?the September volume in the?Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series. This volume by Anthony J. La Vopa explores?the social meanings of Enlightenment discourses in England, Scotland, France, and Germany. This blog post written by Avi Lifschitz discusses La Vopa’s new book, sharing insight into this…

Derrida Meets Nagarjuna: a discussion with Peter Salmon, perhaps — The Imperfect Buddha

Welcome, welcome, one and all. We are now in the midst of summer here in Italy with record breaking heat, drought, melting glaciers and social discontent. For those born well before the turn of the century, life still boasted a connection to the fanciful idea that things were getting better, progress was more or less […]Continue reading “Derrida Meets Nagarjuna: a discussion with Peter Salmon, perhaps — The Imperfect Buddha”

Buddhist Anarchism in Burma? — Engage!

Editor: The following is an investigation into the ongoing political crisis and movement for democracy in Myanmar through the reportage of a blog, InsightMyanmar.org, written by an American Buddhist in Myanmar. I don’t know the identity of all the owners of this blog and podcast. Their names are not published anywhere on the site that […]Continue reading “Buddhist Anarchism in Burma? — Engage!”

‘Requiem for a Faith’ Huston Smith

Originally posted on Buddhism now:
Film: Requiem for a Faith, shot in the late 1960s examines the customs and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Though dated, it stands the test of time. Huston Smith the religious philosopher and author (The World’s Religions), provides a very moving and insightful narration. He explains the tenets of Tibets unique brand…

Must-read PNAS article about COVID-19

Humans and viruses have been coevolving for millennia. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) has been particularly successful in evading our evolved defenses. The outcome has been tragic—across the globe, millions have been sickened and hundreds of thousands have died. Moreover, the quarantine has radically changed the structure ofContinue reading “Must-read PNAS article about COVID-19”

Homeostasis (Damasio)

Both basic homeostasis (which is non-consciously guided) and sociocultural homeostasis (which is created and guided by reflective conscious minds) operate as curators of biological value. Basic and sociocultural varieties of homeostasis are separated by billions of years of evolution, and yet they promote the same goal – the survival of living organisms – albeit inContinue reading “Homeostasis (Damasio)”