The triumph of truth — Voltaire Foundation

In my work on the digital Voltaire iconography database, I frequently stumble across portraits of Voltaire which are particularly unexpected, funny, or have an interesting story to them. Sir Joshua Reynolds’ The Triumph of Truth, which hangs in Marischal College, Aberdeen, is a personal favourite. The Triumph of Truth is a portrait of James Beattie […]Continue reading “The triumph of truth — Voltaire Foundation”

That unfortunate movement

Originally posted on Voltaire Foundation:
Olympe de Gouges, pioneer of women’s rights, here pictured handing Marie-Antoinette a copy of her Déclaration des droits de la femme et de la citoyenne. Engraving by Desrais and Frussotte, c. 1790. (BnF/Gallica) The French Revolution: A very short introduction was one of the earliest titles to be commissioned in…