Three Outcomes — Great Middle Way

If you wish to experience the minor, intermediate, or great paths of awakening, then these are the outcomes. Dedication to the awakening of a Hearer will turn you into a Worthy One, and you will go completely beyond suffering. Dedication to intermediate awakening will make you a Solitary Realizer. If your dedication is to unsurpassable […]Continue reading “Three Outcomes — Great Middle Way”

Devoid of Self (nissvabhava)

Whether or not there is the arising of Tathagatas, this property stands — this steadfastness of the Dharma, this orderliness of the Dharma: All phenomena are devoid of self. The Tathagata directly awakens to that, breaks through to that. Directly awakening and breaking through to that, he declares it, teaches it, describes it, sets it […]Continue reading “Devoid of Self (nissvabhava)”

We Don’t Understand Ourselves — Great Middle Way

From the Buddhist point of view our suffering originates from the limitations of our ordinary, unenlightened mind. Firstly, we are unaware of the basic truths of existence. Through ignorance, we have misunderstood our true nature and the nature of reality. Secondly, confused and easily agitated, we are unable to control our minds. We do not […]Continue reading “We Don’t Understand Ourselves — Great Middle Way”


Originally posted on Great Middle Way:
Beneath all the delusions, wrong views, and afflicted emotions, there is natural perfection. The Fourth Noble Truth is about how we unveil that perfect nature, which leads to “entering the path of empty and peaceful selflessness.” Selflessness means to give up the illusion of a separate self. It requires what…