Common Ground (Advayavada)

Our common ground, as we see it, is not a metaphysical concept or a particular set of values. Our common ground is, as we use the expression, synonymous to the simple experience of our shared humanity, i.e. our shared humanity including what most religions and beliefs (including many forms of Buddhism) hubristically appropriate themselves of as if it were the result of their own doing. As we say elsewhere, the common ground shared by all ‘isms’ is secular or non-religious – whether they admit to it or not, all religions and beliefs contain and share a very large secular, non-metaphysical component. This shared component is from the bottom up our common ground. ~ advayavadabuddhism dot org

Published by John Willemsens

Advayavada Buddhism teacher - Buddhist name: Advayavadananda. Born in Holland in 1934, lived 1939-1964 in Argentina, happily married to Anne.

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